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This site originated with the idea of wanting to connect more closely with my past. For some reason, turning 40 really made me take stock of my life and how far I’ve come. At the same time, I found myself spending a lot of time waxing nostalgic about the simpler, carefree moments of my youth. Blogging has helped to add more colour, texture and tone to those memories. 

There are so many things that make us reminisce about the beautiful people we’ve known, the awesome places we’ve visited and the meaningful items we’ve owned. Fortunately, as research is showing, it’s good to nostalgize. Read more about that here.

I only write about things that have impacted my own life since that’s all I know. I’m hoping that the nostalgic items I’ve chosen though, will trigger the discovery of stored smiles within your own life. As you peek at your past, your version of nostalgia will be unique to you, but perhaps the feeling will be similar to mine. In that way, we will have a shared experience.

Nostalgic Presents For Men

The blog has also become a resource for nostalgic presents for men whether it’s a husband, father, son or friend. When I look back at the most meaningful gifts I’ve received, they were definitely rich in nostalgic value. 


Originally known as The Landlord’s Game, Monopoly was first published in 1935. I didn’t play it much as a kid. Nostalgia Score: 5/10.

Nostalgia Blog

Whether you’re just wanting to stroll down memory lane or our actively looking for a gift, I hope you enjoy your time here. As I trawl through my past, I will be adding new posts so please be sure to visit again. 

Why We Still Watch Friends Today

Friends popularized what would become known as the ‘hangout comedy’ where friends…

Nostalgia Score: 7/10

Still of empty Central Perk in Friends, a great nostalgic show

Is Wolfenstein 3D The Best Game Ever?

Wolf 3D is responsible for popularizing the concept of shooting a man in the face from a first-person perspective…

Nostalgia Score: 9/10

Screengrab of Wolfenstein 3D, a great nostalgic present for men

Tintin's Timeless Appeal To All Ages

Reading Tintin now as a crusty, somewhat cynical middle-aged man is a slightly more complicated experience…

Nostalgia Score: 8/10

My Favourite Things About James Bond

Ian Fleming still found him unsuitable. To him, he was an overgrown stuntman without the Bond finesse…

Nostalgia Score: 8/10

40 Years Of Pac-Man

Every so often, the ghosts are instructed to give up the chase and scurry to the corners of the game. This is scatter mode and it’s purpose… 

Nostalgia Score: 6/10

Image of Pac-Man and ghosts as a great nostalgic gift idea for men

Peter Gabriel Is A Legend

Peter Gabriel has always had a musical style that sets him apart from everyone else, and most interestingly, it is a style that seems to appeal to everyone.

Nostalgia Score: 8/10

Is The Goonies The Best Kids Movie Ever?

The group of kids calling themselves the Goonies includes Mikey, his older brother Brandon, an inventive kid named Data, a talkative kid named…

Nostalgia Score: 7/10

Why George Orwell Matters

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever. George Orwell

Nostalgia Score: 6/10

10 Cool Things About The 80's

With so many shows, games, movies and paraphernalia that greatly influenced the world as we know it today, the 80’s were surely some of the greatest years…

Why Seinfeld Is The Best Sitcom Of All Time​

It’s been over 30 years since Seinfeld first aired worldwide and truly, there could be dozens of reasons why Seinfeld is the best sitcom of all time.

Nostalgia Score: 7/10


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