The Charming World Of Pokemon

Image of Pokemon in the blog post the charming world of Pokemon

The virtual experience of capturing, training and competing fictional creatures has made Pokémon a prominent name in the gaming world. Most people would probably know at least one Pokémon. Pokémon, also known as Pocket Monsters, is a Japanese media franchise by Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures. Since its inception in the nineties, it has ceaselessly advanced into a global gaming invasion. Let’s take a closer look at the charming world of Pokemon.

Image of Pokemon characters in the post the charming world of Pokemon
in the post the charming world of Pokemon

Pokemon’s Roots​

Satoshi Tajiri, a Japanese video designer, director and arcade games fan, created the franchise in 1995. The game revolved around fictional creatures called Pokémon, that are caught, trained and competed by their humans, called Pokémon Trainers. Each Pokémon exhibits unique powers, skills and personality. Trainers will need to battle and defeat titled gym leaders to advance in the game and their Pokémon will evolve as they level up.

Delightful Games

Pokémon Red and Green was the first video game released for the original handheld Game Boy by Game Freak and Nintendo in 1996. After gaining a huge following, it soon became the second best-selling video game franchise next to Mario. 

Along with Nintendo’s innovation on their gaming devices from Game Boy to the recent Nintendo Switch, the Pokémon games also expanded with different generations. The latest game launched in 2019 is the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

Mobile games entered the gaming scene in 2014 with different downloadable games year after year. Pokémon Go also made history with its whopping number of downloads.

Even classic games such as Monopoly and Uno had Pokémon versions.

Diverse Media

Gotta Catch ‘Em All was the slogan that got us all hooked with Pokémon. It would not reach its pedestal without its glaring presence in different forms of media.  Pokémon ruled in different platforms such as print through short stories and Manga series. It has also dominated film and television with various movies and the long-standing anime series that can also be viewed through online channels nowadays.

Image of Pokemon in the blog post the charming world of Pokemon

Enchanting Characters

We all had our favorites, whether the battles, the gym leaders or the Pokémon themselves. Some favorites trace back to the beginning of the games. Can you imagine the franchise without these start-up characters? Here are some remarkable beginner Pokémon we can’t forget:

Charmander. It is hard not to fall in love with Charmander’s sweet eyes and flaming, little tail. Add up his darling dinosaur face that bears that precious smile showing off those baby teeth. In the anime, he had a rough start as he was abused by his previous owner, but was luckily rescued by Ash Ketchum, one of the main characters. Charmander might be cute, but has a fiesty personality. He has the ability to blast fire like a baby dragon.

In the games, Charmander is a good starter choice as he eventually evolves into another well-loved character, Charizard.

Squirtle. Who can forget the trouble-making Squirtle squad? This gang has a delinquent reputation but are too appealing to menace anybody. Why would you be scared of an adorable baby turtle? In the show, these creatures didn’t trust humans, but eventually realized how Ash took care of his Pokémon and decided to join the team.

 Squirtle eventually evolves into Blastoise in the games. Equipped with a powerful water gun, Blastoise makes an excellent asset to any Pokémon trainer.

Bulbasaur. Remember the one who launches solar seeds from the bulb on his back and chants, bulba,bulba,bulba. Yes, Bulbasaur. He has dumpy legs, blue-green body and loves to sunbathe. He absorbs as much solar energy and stores them in his bulb.

As he evolves into a Venusaur, the bulb in his back blossoms into a flower and emit immense power for the plant kingdom. How cool is that?

The Pokémon Celebrity

Some characters easily became fan favorites with their blazing existence not just in Pokémon universe.

Take Pikachu, for example, this delightful, yellow mouse who packs a thunderstorm in his cheeks can be seen anywhere through the different Pokémon merchandise. Pikachu almost equates to Pokémon being the main mascot of the entire franchise.

How cute is it when he babbles, “pika, pikapi, pikachu”. His electrifying personality and star qualities elevated him from the rest. He can be stubborn though, after all these years, it can still be challenging to make Pikachu evolve.

Pikachu even starred as a main character in the movie Detective Pikachu.

Growing Pokémon Family

From the original 151 species in the first wave, the Pokémon have multiplied into 896 fictional characters. Gaming platforms continually surpass its current varieties, and media presence has been wider than ever.

Assorted Pokémon merchandise collections are also keeping up with the pace as proven by their visibility in various ecommerce websites.

Pokémon definitely triumphed in captivating our hearts for more than two decades now. Like its characters, the franchise has mega-evolved and became a huge part of gaming history and the lives of many.

What is your favourite Atari Pokemon character or game? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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