Why Dumb And Dumber Is A Genius Film

An All-Time Classic

Whenever remarkable cinematic duos is discussed, Harry and Lloyd of Dumb and Dumber almost always come up. Why wouldn’t they, when these adorable albeit overly dumb characters gave us one of the funniest films ever? Dumb and Dumber, made in 1994, was directed and written by the Farrelly brothers. It had a budget of $16 million, but amassed a whopping $127 million in the US and $247 million internationally. The protagonists in the film are unapologetically stupid, but it’s not hard to see why Dumb and Dumber is a genius film.

Right off the bat, you know this movie is going to be stupidly awesome
A car in the shape of a dog - what a novel idea

A Tale Of Two Idiots

Before I continue, I just want to emphasize that when I say that Harry and Lloyd are stupid, I say it with love. And they really are so damn dumb, I wonder how they survived to be their age. Their stupidity makes them incredibly amusing (and pitiful), at least when you’re watching them and not getting personally involved in their mishaps. 

Harry and Lloyd are best buddies who keep losing their jobs. What makes it worse is that they can’t even comprehend why they are in that miserable state. In fact, they get surprised when something goes wrong because of their own doing. The conflict of the movie arises when Lloyd (Jim Carrey), a limo driver, takes Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly) to the airport. He’s absolutely smitten by her. So, after dropping her at the airport and then realizing that she left her bag behind, he and Harry decide to travel all the way to Aspen to return it to her. What they don’t know is that the briefcase contained a ransom that was meant to be picked up by someone else. That’s the main premise of the film. 

Charming Lowbrow Humour

So many films involving lowbrow humor had already been released prior to Dumb and Dumber, but Peter and Bobby Farelly’s kind of comedy was a game changer. There’s nothing new about idiot characters and their struggles, but Dumb and Dumber was received so well because it had a charm that other lowbrow films didn’t. 

The film appeals to everyone, or to most, to say the least. Sure, there are plenty of other great comedies today with a huge fanbase, but it’s hard to find something that’s suitable even for younger audiences. 

A lot of newer comedies that are actually funny involve a lot of cussing, drug use, and sexual jokes.  Dumb and Dumber is something different because it is innocent and naive enough to be enjoyed by the whole family. There’s definitely lots of crazy of the wall gags and toilet humor (as you’ll see on the left) in Dumb and Dumber, but it’s entertaining for both young and old. 

I loved the movie so much, especially the scene on the left, that my mate and I acted out our own version with an old video camera.

The Endearing Duo

It is highly likely that the main reason why many people love this movie is that it is heartwarming. What’s more endearing than two idiots who don’t know that they are dumb? It’s when these idiots love and care for each other. Harry and Lloyd are the best of friends and no matter what they go through, they always have each other’s backs. Even when they fight over Mary Swanson, whom Lloyd claims to be the love of his life, they still make up afterwards.

A great example of this is at the end of the film, when the villain has them at gunpoint, they both are willing to take the bullet on behalf of the other. This makes Dumb and dumber pretty much a love story, not between Lloyd and the beautiful Mary Swanson, but between him and his best buddy Harry. They don’t have enough brain to make the best decisions in life, but they sure have enough heart to know how to be a great friend.

Dumbness with style

What Makes It Genius

The film proves that dumb humor, to be at its most effective, needs to be smartly executed. Dumb and Dumber is a genius film because of the contrast between Lloyd and Harry. Both of them are stupid, but not in the same way. Lloyd is more sly (if he’s able to successfully pull off a scheme at all), confident and maybe vindictive, while Harry is the meeker and gentler one. They are both annoying, but they complement each other so well. 

So, if you want two dumb people to create disastrous events for themselves without them realizing it, Harry and Lloyd make the perfect pair. The fact that Mary Swanson also found them charming despite their quirks is also interesting. This makes me wonder if Mary is on the same wavelength as them. Maybe Lloyd does have a chance with her after all.

By the way, do you want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?

What are your thoughts on Dumb and Dumber? Let me know in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Why Dumb And Dumber Is A Genius Film”

  1. This movie made me laugh and still does every time I watch. Some say it is so stupid and will not watch the movie. The actor Jim Carry can be a good actor when it comes to comedy movies and wishes he would make more movies today. Now that found this article on dumb and dumber, makes me want to take time and schedule this movie for a movie night with family again. 

    1. Yes, I wish he made more movies instead of painting pictures all the time. Dumb and Dumber is a true comedic classic. 

  2. This movie looks goofy. I haven’t seen it yet, but am considering giving it a try. You’re review of it gives me an idea that I should go and see it. I like that it is family friendly maybe I could watch it with my younger siblings. I would consider my sense of humor to be pretty dumb which is the same type of humor presented on the film. Good idea to include merchandise for the movie on your website! I like it!

    1. Dumb and Dumber is pretty dumb, but it’s very heartwarming at the same time. What makes it really great is that both actors commit to their characters so fully that it’s not contrived at all – it doesn’t look like they’re acting dumb, rather, they really appear to be inherently dumb. And that’s why I think the movie works and is ultimately very endearing. 

  3. Although I know about the movie Dumb and Dumber, I have not yet seen it. After reading your post on it and describing it as a genius film, I feel I need to arrange a movie night to watch it. It looks as if it could be hysterically funny, and just the type of movie to cheer us up during these strange times. Jim Carrey can be hit and miss, but when he’s on, he’s really good. 

    1. We’ve never needed a reason to laugh and find the lighter side of life than we do now. This world of ours surely enjoys creating new challenges for us to adapt to. Dumb and Dumber will no doubt rescue you from this somber head space. 

  4. AMAZING Blog! One of the greatest movies of all time! I love the dumb and dumber gift ideas – the election shirt is awesome. This kind of a site I think has great potential especially on social media. Share share share! A very comment worthy blog. I like your embedded pics and videos as well. Nice job

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