Why Seinfeld Is The Best Sitcom Of All Time

More Than Just Another Sitcom

It’s been over 30 years since Seinfeld first aired on TV and truly, there could be dozens of reasons why Seinfeld is the best sitcom of all time. This genius sitcom offers us unique and mischievous characters, relatable moments, and a whole lot of laughter. 

What really made Seinfeld so popular though, was how the main characters were portrayed. At the time, almost every other sitcom had the same standard premise – a group of ordinary but otherwise likable people, going through eventful and/or humorous moments in their lives. 

What Seinfeld did differently, was to introduce a group of friends who were far from the typical sitcom characters. They, especially Seinfeld himself, were mean, stubborn, cocky, and generally unlikeable in the traditional sense. Strangely enough, the unlikeableness of the characters was what made the show so popular with the public. 

Seinfeld certainly discovered a new and ingenious way of creating main characters for a sitcom, and up to this day, many shows and movies still use the same principles found in this all-time classic.

Image of Jerry Seinfeld in the post Why Seinfeld is the best sitcom of all time
Jerry Seinfeld, likeable and unlikeable at the same time
Image of the Chinese restaurant in the post Why Seinfeld is the best sitcom of all time
A show about nothing? In The Chinese Restaurant. the entire episode takes place while they wait for a table.

The Setup

Seinfeld tells the story about the life of Jerry Seinfeld and his group of friends going about their everyday lives in New York. 

Although called “the show about nothing”, Seinfeld has garnered itself such a massive fanbase because of how relatable the show is. The subjects covered in the sitcom are often mundane things like going to restaurants, bets with friends, dating, and other normal daily experiences. What makes Seinfeld shine, however, is how the characters always find a way to make these everyday experiences so hilarious. 

In short, the title of “the show about nothing” is fair enough, since Seinfeld can be somewhat considered as a show about things that are usually not seen as anything special. However, this is what makes Seinfeld so unique and true to life. It shows that comedy can be found anywhere and that we can still find joy and humor in the most routine and mundane things in life.

Personally, I think the funniest scene in the entire show. The Ray McKigney hand model scene from The Puffy Shirt episode. 

Next Level Addictive

Watching just one Seinfeld episode at a time can be next to impossible. You tell yourself only one, but before you know it, you’ve already binged half a season. So what makes Seinfeld so addictive? 

It’s so easy to get hooked watching Seinfeld because it makes hours feel like minutes. Each episode is so well crafted that there are no dull moments. If you’ve never watched a Seinfeld episode before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. And the great thing is, you won’t feel lost because pretty much each episode has unique subplots and can therefore stand on its own.

A New Age Of Storytelling

Seinfeld really sets a high standard for how stories should be told. Before Seinfeld, sitcoms, shows, and movies would typically follow the story of one character. This means that the audience only gets to see one perspective of the whole story. On the other hand, Seinfeld was remarkably able to tell the individual stories of each of the four characters and beautifully interconnect them by the end of each 20 or so minute episode. 

This new way of storytelling was a big hit since it made people realize how much can be left out when you only get to see the point of view of a single person. Nowadays, most top-rated TV shows follow the same principle. 

By pioneering multiple storylines and seamlessly connecting them into one complete story, Seinfeld has set up the stage for a whole new age of storytelling.

Image of Jerry Seinfeld and Tim Watley in the post Why Seinfeld is the best sitcom of all time
Jerry about to be 'sexually manhandled' by his dentist. Supposedly.
Image of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David
Co-creators, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld

The Original Cliché

If you take the time to watch a few episodes of Seinfeld, inexperienced viewers may feel that a lot of the jokes may seem a  predictable or overdone. Some may even think the jokes in more modern shows are funnier since they seem fresh and less clichéd.

Having said that, what most people do not realize is that when Seinfeld started airing, the humor and jokes were completely original and it’s the popularity of the show and the emulation of it by other shows that have made all these moments seem so clichéd.

Influencing Pop Culture

Another thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that Seinfeld has actually introduced a lot of phrases and ideas popular into popular culture. You may actually be saying or doing something that started from a Seinfeld episode without even knowing it. 

Here is a list of some of the famous phrases or ideas coined or popularized by Seinfeld: 

“… Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That.” 


“Yada Yada Yada”

“That’s a shame”

The concept of Double Dipping

Shrinkage (PG material)

The idea of recycling gifts

Even after 20 plus years since Seinfeld ended, the ethos of the show is still very much alive and well in pop culture today. The next time you hear someone say or do one of these things, or find yourself doing or saying one of these, you can thank Seinfeld for that.

The Spirit Of Seinfeld

Seinfeld is truly in a league of its own. All the characters, despite being traditionally unlikeable, serve as proof that shows don’t need to stick to one type of character to be successful.
“… Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That.” From The Outing episode.
“NO SOUP FOR YOU!” From The Soup Nazi episode.

The hilarious Double Tip scene from The Implant episode. 

The show embodies innovation in comedy and character development. Likewise, Seinfeld also gave the world its very first glimpse of how brilliant intertwining several smaller storylines can be. 

If you ever find yourself thinking why Seinfeld is the best sitcom of all time, all you have to do is look around you and see how much of its spirit still lives today. 

What is your favourite Seinfeld episode? Let me know in the comments section below.

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10 thoughts on “Why Seinfeld Is The Best Sitcom Of All Time”

  1. Well,

    I am not at all surprised by claim -Why Seinfeld Is The Best Sitcom Of All Time? 

    Its because that’s what I love about this great old days Sitcom – how a common man can easily relate to the characters. I am amazed at how creative the entire team of Seinfeld must be to depict the day to day mundane tasks in such a hilarious manner. 

    Ahh, I wish the good old days to be back where we had a level of creativity with great humor. 

    1. Yes, Nick, there are not many shows out there that offer such an accurate social commentary like Seinfeld was able to do. I find myself revisiting classic shows rather than watching the usually hit-and-miss contemporary ones. 

  2. Hello and thank you about this article. While I haven’t watched any of the episodes of Seinfield, I find some of the segments familiar and always rehashed or maybe add a couple of improvements by most local sitcoms nowadays. By the way I am from the Philippines.

    Most specially the Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That part. Now you made me curious about this sitcom and I literally have to watch a couple of episodes before coming back here.

    This sitcom is where it all started and I can definitely see the influence to the new sitcoms nowadays. 

    1. You’re in for a pleasant surprise Lemuel, if you’ve never watched Seinfeld. It is such a great social commentary and will keep you entertained for ages. I hope you enjoy the Seinfeld journey. 

  3. We definitely all need a laugh and this show makes you stomach laugh which cannot be said for many other shows. I must admit I stopped watching this but since you have written this article I am going to check back up on it as it was one of those I had forgotten about so thank you . The memorabilia did make me chuckle too and will make some good added gifts for people.

    Great article

    1. I agree Imelda, this year has been pretty rough and we all need a good laugh to remind us to not take things too seriously. Seinfeld will definitely make that happen. I often have it on in the background when I’m cleaning the house. 

  4. Patricia Bracy

    Thank you for giving us such a detailed description of the Seinfeld show reminding us that it is more than just another sitcom.   It is interesting to read the many areas you discussed that make the sitcom the best of all times.  It is very comical, and I really believe that laughter is good for the heart and soul.  I really enjoyed reading, A New Age of Storytelling.  This site will truly be a hit as it continues to infiltrate the online world.  The gifts listed are great choices. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Patricia and I’m glad you found my article on Seinfeld interesting. The more I watch the show, the more I appreciate the genius of it. And when I show people who have never seen it before, I’m always amazed at how quickly they take to it. 

      If you’re a fan of Friends, don’t forget to read Why We Still Watch Friends Today

  5. You know, growing up, I wasn’t really a fan of this. I just watched it because my parents liked it a lot and I had to watch with them. Looking back now and seeing all the other sitcom’s I have watched z I think I totally agree with you that  Seinfeld is really the best of all time. It really wasn’t about anything in particular as the who thing ran through a number of nothing’s.

    1. I was the same regarding Seinfeld in my younger years. Back then, I preferred the more mushy, Disney-like sitcoms like Who’s The Boss and Growing Pains. But now in my older, more cynical years, Seinfeld is my favourite show by far because it’s such an accurate depiction of life.

      If you’re a fan of Friends, don’t forget to read Why We Still Watch Friends Today

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